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What could make a person go crazy?


What does crazy look like?


Far too often… we casually throw around the label crazy when it comes to the actions or appearance of “crazy” but, define CRAZY to me.


Pardon me if I am wrong with the following statement but, “CRAZY” is relative outside of its meaning in the dictionary.


To some individuals, crazy is having a skunk as a pet. To others crazy is the triggered emotional reaction due to trauma. It could be as heinous as the personal experience of repeated rape or molestation at the hands of a close family member, or participants of pedophilia and human trafficking.


Crazy for some could be an act or gesture. Crazy for another could mean a provoked compromised state of mind. Crazy to others may be the individual that speaks their mind unapologetically and directly (bluntly) to the individual, or individuals that they are engaging. Often times with the added bonus of articulated humor via the delivery. All could be true, and it could be in the cards for whomever or whatever this label applies to.


Despite all of this, what TRULY drives a man crazy?


What drives you crazy?


Using your imagination, what would provoke the act, feel, or appearance of crazy?


WHELP… I can tell you what drives me crazy. In my opinion, there are levels of crazy.


My kids not taking out the trash drives me crazy.


People that don’t brush their teeth but love to engage others in uncomfortable proximity. Basically, these people’s breath is banging like subwoofers in the hood but, they are all up in someone’s personal space trying to have a productive and lengthy dialogue. This drives me crazy!


People that are overly judgmental, outside of using judgment as a tool, or a survival tactic for life… drives me crazy.


People that think they know everything. In their heads, they are the alpha and omega baaabbyy. It is only in their head. When in reality, that thought and derived conclusion failed to take residence in the thoughts and minds of others. That right there…DRIVES ME CRAZY.


People that are evilly spirited… DRIVES ME CRAZY!


People that hurt or harm children…DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!


The practice of projected and inflicted emotional or physical abuse onto others…DRIVES ME CRAZY!!


The superiority complex…drives me crazy.


The inferiority complex…DRIVES ME CRAZY.


Unnecessary confusion… DRIVES ME CRAZY.


Controlling individuals…drive me crazy.


The United States of America having involuntary homeless people, impoverished and struggling citizens, when we are supposedly one of if not THE richest nation with enough to go around…DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!


RACISM derives from the root of and is fueled by the vibration of ignorance. It is THE result of brainwashing and premeditated programming from the intention of manipulation. It is unfounded morally as a means of justification for its existence, being used as a system for economic gain, in a society inflicted with a complex known as the inferior versus the superior… DRIVES ME MF CRAZY!!!


People that show their God-given rear ends out in public without a logical and unavoidable justifiable explanation …drives me crazy. I will not exclude myself out of the percentage of people, who may have done this at some point in life therefore, I will not withhold myself from taking accountability as a possible participant in such actions but…it still drives me crazy.


Murderers…DRIVE ME CRAZY!! This excludes people who kill in self-defense.


I guess the list of what drives me crazy could arguably be a long one and could continue. My point in all of this is to show you to be diligent and mindful when choosing to utilize the label of crazy. This isn’t to diminish the fact that there is SOME SHIT that is just undoubtedly and undeniably CRAZY! The reason is to bring awareness that sometimes the label crazy can be utilized out of malicious and judgemental energy. There are other times when in other situations… it is really is some CRAZY SHIT out here, and we better recognize what that is to survive.


In summary… out of all that…be mindful of how you utilize, who you label as, and how you articulate the word “crazy”.


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