Vote For Yourself and for the Voiceless

Written by on November 5, 2018

November 5, 2018 @ 2:20 pm

I believe we are in a time of change. This is the time where many citizens may feel hopeless and helpless, especially considering our current leader of the nation and the free world. We know him as #45, President Donald Trump. The Presidential office is not the only important office we must vote for. Local politics is just as important, if not more important.

If you are anything like me, you may not be the most informed regarding politics, outside of the propaganda, and daily shenanigans that are broadcasted all over the media.
However, we still need your vote. Your vote does count. Even with the need for your voice, there is still a need for you to be informed. One of the things that I do is research. I do know that I have the ability to read and comprehend.

Technology is so advanced that your phone has the ability to point out where you are upon arrival of any given location.  More specifically, this happens for places of business. Google may question you, asking if you are at a particular location, along with a few questions that allow you to submit the information that could be helpful to others.

With access to such advancement, why not utilize Google or any web browser to research the candidates relative to your state and district? You don’t have to feel like you are less than adequate to vote. You do not have to wonder why others may know more than you. All you have to do is research.
The truth is… we can never know the intentions or the mind and hearts of these candidates that run for office. There is no way to climb inside of their bodies and dissect who they truly are, behind the potential representation presented to the public. We can only go by the information that is documented and available to us.

For those who have, or are currently holding an office, we can only go by the results of their service (helpful changes they have made). With that, we can access and analyze them to the best of our individual ability, pray and have faith that these individuals are who they portray to be, and hold them accountable for what they have promised.

PLEASE go out and vote tomorrow. November 6, 2018, is the beginning of change for those who need it the most. You have the ability and power to be apart of that change. If you do not care enough about your future, care about the future of those who come after you. After we are dead and gone, our children and our grandchildren deserve a better future. They deserve a just nation that recognizes all genders, race, and sexual preference.

Below is a link from the Detroit Free Press providing information that may be helpful to Michiganders.
Here is a link to a website that will help you research and personalize your ballot:

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