The world will be shocked to know what Kwame Kilpatrick, President Trump, and Bill Cosby have in common.

Written by on May 11, 2018

Racquel Shelby – Rockyroadproductionsllc
7:56 am EDT May 11, 2018

Back in August of 2017… the former Mayor of Detroit… Kwame Kilpatrick asked me via written correspondence to get a message out to the world proving his innocence.
Of course… by his request I did just that. With my initiative…the Detroit Free press released and article entitled … “Kwame Kilpatrick seeks help from pen pal: Married mom of Southfield wants him freed”. As a result… Channel 7 WXYZ interviewed me… along with WJR the Frank Beckman show. I even discussed the matter on the Billy T Detroit Podcast with my radio family.

I became known as Kwame Kilpatrick’s pen pal. The story quickly lost its fizz when the absence of an adulterous sex scandal with my involvement became clear. This brings me to why I am writing this article.

In the last couple of months I was contacted by an anonymous source claiming that they contained earth shattering evidence that would set Mr. Kilpatrick free. To be clear…since the beginning of this journey… my priority was to assist Mr. Kilpatrick in gaining his freedom. Everything following… as it results to benefiting myself… would be unintended… non targeted bonus. My pursuit in clearing his name has always been…. and still is… from a place of authenticity and sincere concern.
After all …28 years seems insane for crimes void of hard evidence. Despite this… public opinion of disgust has been won over.

Disclaimer: For purposes of journalistic integrity… I must remain transparent making it clear that the following information you are about to read (although it is mind-blowing)… has not been verified as truth (as of now) with physical documentation. All of these things you are about to read are “alleged facts”. However… I have been told (by the source who will remain anonymous, so don’t ask) the proof will be produced.
According to the anonymous source…. “allegedly” and verbatim:
President Trump and his attorneys are going to drop the bombshell that the Detroit FBI was so easily infiltrated by Nada Prouty and Daniella Greene … because the office is the most corrupt in America. That corruption was fully supported by James Comey and Robert Mueller.

Trump is also going to reveal that Hezbollah and Isis cells are still in the Detroit bureau. At the center of the evidence is Kwame’s case. It turns out the US Attorney document I have (the anonymous source) reveals a white politician in Detroit committed mirror offenses that Kwame was accused of and the FBI deliberately covered up the politician’s crimes … i.e. Whitey Bulger and Mueller’s dirty relationship.
This is not close to the worst Trump plans to reveal about Kwame’s case. Dennis Archer and others will be targeted also.

Kwame and Bill Cosby are going to argue inadequate defense … but Cosby is arguing it (inadequate defense) is purposely done against Blacks like he and Kwame. They were sold out by their attorneys.
My anonymous source says to look for Cosby to fire all of his attorneys soon. He is citing the fact that the same thing happens in medicine etc. as studies have shown.
An “alleged” FBI call that is tied into this case:!AqNKWJtANfKlqGDZfFgF9vI-UaHg

A Documentary of Kwame Kilpatrick

Detroit Media Specialists / LUV2FLO Entertainment

Directors & Producers
Directors & Producers of the film, Timothy Smith & Tobias Smith are a father and son film making duo who believes in putting the “mission before the money.” In 2011, they began filming KMK a documentary of Kwame Kilpatrick upon Kwame’s release from a Michigan state prison. They believe the film is one of a kind historical account of the most polarizing political figure of all time in Detroit.

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