The Unwanted Visitor That Has Moved Into My Soul

Written by on March 31, 2019

Racquel Shelby, Rockyroadproductionsllc

I am not sure when it happened.

I don’t know who invited it.

It came like a squatter and moved into my spirit. Something so menacing, and I am struggling to evict it.

This is hard for many to confront, but not for me. All I want… is to see you leave.

I wake up everyday, knowing I am blessed to be here. Then here you come… with your misery.

An endless thunderstorm of confusion. A lightning bolt in my soul and rain in my spirit.

Please leave me be. I just want peace.

Your hold is my straight jacket and your energy is an abyss of sorrow.

You may go away for a while… only to return tomorrow.

Why are you here? I didn’t summons you.

If you were a person, I would kick your ass and we would have been through.

When I speak my truth, you begin to fade.

I know you get angry knowing you aren’t allowed to stay.

As long as I stay silent, you will get louder, grow stronger, and one day you will take over.

Not here. Not anymore. I am done.

How would the world be without me, you tried me and asked?

I will never know. The world is better because of my soul. That is why you want to recruit me, so the story will remain untold.

Pack your things and go ahead and go.

I’ve had enough of your shit. Today I say NO MORE!!

There is so much we all have to offer and life can be tough.

You will get through it. I wrote this to let you know that you are enough.

If you are having problems coping with this trying life, remember there is somewhere there to listen. Get help! Some burdens are too heavy to carry alone. You are loved. You are wonderful. You are someones child, brother, sister, mother, and/or father.  They need and love you.

Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours every day


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