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  Imagine your child coming home and informing you that their substitute for the day was giving kids lap dances amongst other inappropriate behavior. What would you do? #Rockyroadproductionsllc Please Like, Comment, and SHARE this video. Thank you for your views and support! If you ???????????????? the content  #rockyroadproductionsllc #porchtalk ???????????? is giving you… Please feel free to donate, so that […]

  A mother explains to her daughters how she has raised her children and it is not her job to raise her grandchildren. She feels that it should be her choice when she gets her grandkids and that many young people in the black community have things misconstrued. #Rockyroadproductionsllc   Please Like, Comment, and SHARE […]

This time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk… I address how we as parents need to teach our children values and self worth. We need to be about preparing them for this world and making sure that they are equipped with the necessary tools to survive. Please leave your thoughts respectfully in the comments. All Social Media Sites […]

This time on Rockyroadproductionsllc Porch Talk… Karissa and I discuss how to handle your child revealing to you that they are part of the LGBTQ community. It is my belief that we love and support our children no matter what. Our priorities for our children should include happiness, good health, and a positive encouraging environment. […]

This time on Rockyroadproductionsllc Porch Talk… Karissa and I discuss how important it is for parents to not live through their children. There are parents who want their kids to make their own childhood dreams come to life. Instead these parents should be supporting their children in the child’s own wants and dreams.   All […]

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