Love Yourself

  You may come across individuals that will project their understanding, experiences, biased opinions, prejudices, and ignorance on you and tell you how your life is going to go. Don’t allow them to. #Rockyroadproductionsllc   Please Like, Comment, and SHARE this video. Thank you for your views and support! If you ???????????????? the content  #rockyroadproductionsllc #porchtalk ???????????? is giving you… Please […]

—September 3, 2018 @ 12:10 pm A person who is insecure by definition lacks confidence and is unsure. They tend to have anxiety and paranoia about things that a confident person doesn’t have. It is important that parents build their children up. Reinforcement by way of encouraging dialogue should begin when the child is able […]

We need to make sure that we are loving ourselves and being confident in the skin that we are in. We should be building our children up… so that when they grow up…they aren’t battling with self esteem.???????? Check out what Denise Cartwright and I had to say this time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk.   All […]

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