life topics Natalie comes to the RRP Podcast to bless us with her amazing story/ testimony regarding her battle with alcohol. Natalie has been sober for four years and six months. This interview was one of the best that Rocky Road Productions LLC has had thus far. This is a must-listen. Make sure you share with […]

  Welcome to the second episode of #RRPPT podcast! This time my co-host #MzFefeDaPlug and I interview @bunnietheblogger. We get a chance to dive into what she does and briefly into her journey with journalism. We also discuss the latest with #50cent, #Chil from #TLC, #HoseaChanchez, and more. If you would like to become a […]

This time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk… my husband @simplyreal313 and I discuss whether your 20’s is the age you make all the dumb decisions. I give a bit of my thoughts and he gives his thoughts. We encourage you to do the same below in the comments. All Social Media Sites operated by Porch Talk: Writer […]

This time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk… #MzFefeDaPlug and I discuss whether nice guys are a turn off. Men should be nice, but when they are too nice… they could be crazy. My apologies for the feedback heard occasionally in the mic. Please feel free to respectfully leave your thoughts in the comment section. All Social Media […]

This time on Rockyroadproductionsllc Porch Talk… #MzFefeDaPlug and I address the notion that if you are pretty, you should behave in a certain manner that would be deemed proper or civilized. All Social Media Sites operated by Porch Talk: Twitter: Porch Talk Instagram: rockyroadproductionsllc (Porch Talk) Tumblr: Writer blog: Facebook: […]

—September 3, 2018 @ 12:10 pm A person who is insecure by definition lacks confidence and is unsure. They tend to have anxiety and paranoia about things that a confident person doesn’t have. It is important that parents build their children up. Reinforcement by way of encouraging dialogue should begin when the child is able […]

This time on Rockyroadproductionsllc Porch Talk… Karissa and I discuss how to handle your child revealing to you that they are part of the LGBTQ community. It is my belief that we love and support our children no matter what. Our priorities for our children should include happiness, good health, and a positive encouraging environment. […]

This time on Rockyroadproductionsllc Porch Talk… Kermit and I address white privilege, by discussing Anne Hathaway speaking up on the fears of blacks, following the murder of Nia Wilson. We also share the story of the White female daycare owner that hung a toddler and received only a slap on the wrist.   All Social […]

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