justice for George Floyd

  The City of Southfield expresses their pain as a result of #GeorgeFloyd’s murder by police in a Unity Rally spearheaded by Mayor Ken Siver. Southfield’s Police Chief Elvin Barren speaks on the devastating event as a result of police brutality that has been happening far too much and can no longer be ignored. #Rockyroadproductionsllc […]

    PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO EVERYWHERE YOU CAN. IF IT IS TOO LONG TO WATCH…SET THE PHONE DOWN AND LISTEN I was moved to just start talking on video and this is what came out. I was in tears during part of this video. It became very emotional for me and emotional […]

  PLEASE WATCH ALL THE WAY THROUGH. THIS IS A TALKING POINT TO A BIGGER MESSAGE. IF YOU CAN’T WATCH THE WHOLE THING…PUT IT YOUR DEVICE DOWN AND JUST LISTEN PLEASE. @trinarockstarr was trending number 1 on #twitter this morning… as a result of some things she said on the radio show both she and […]

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