Welcome to the second episode of #RRPPT podcast! This time my co-host #MzFefeDaPlug and I interview @bunnietheblogger. We get a chance to dive into what she does and briefly into her journey with journalism. We also discuss the latest with #50cent, #Chil from #TLC, #HoseaChanchez, and more. If you would like to become a […]

Published 2:30 p.m. ET  July 12, 2019 Often times you hear people say things like… you need to get in a relationship with an individual that lines up with what you want. Your mate needs to have the same goals. You should be evenly yoked with your partner. Honestly, I don’t think that any of […]

This time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk …. I discuss the latest with #DonaldTrump , #JimCarrey, #abortion ban in Alabama and more. We encourage that you respectfully give your thoughts below in the comment section. Intro music: Rell Spilotro & Teez The Beast All Social Media Sites operated by Porch Talk: Writer blog: Instagram: rockyroadproductionsllc […]

This time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk… I discuss how #RKelly failed to pay his daughter’s college tuition, #SteveHarvey loosing two of his gigs, #MaleahDavis gone missing at the hands of her ex step father, and more… Make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments. All Social Media Sites operated by Porch Talk: Twitter: Porch Talk […]

This time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk… I discuss a situation where an assistant teacher hired a hitman to kill the child he molested and his family. I imagine sending your child to school only to end up being violated. Please respectfully leave your thoughts in the comments. All Social Media Sites operated by Porch Talk: Twitter: […]

This time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk… my special guest Natalie and I discuss depression and addiction in a 3 part mini series of videos. This is part 1 I interviewed Natalie about a year or more ago. She gave an inside look into her battle with alcohol addiction. This time we dig deeper into addiction as […]

This time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk… I discuss a man by the name of Harold Williams, who was attacked in the super market. He asked to use the restroom and Fawaz Hassan decides to stab him. Of course, I give my thoughts and I ask that you respectfully do the same in the comment section below. […]

Racquel Shelby, Rockyroadproductionsllc I am not sure when it happened. I don’t know who invited it. It came like a squatter and moved into my spirit. Something so menacing, and I am struggling to evict it. This is hard for many to confront, but not for me. All I want… is to see you leave. […]

This time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk….I discuss the latest with #TI, #Tiny, #DrDre, and #PorshaWilliams. You know I go in on my thoughts and I encourage you to respectfully do the same. All Social Media Sites operated by Porch Talk: Twitter: Porch Talk Instagram: rockyroadproductionsllc (Porch Talk) Tumblr: Writer blog: Facebook: […]

This time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk… I address a situation regarding discrimination in the work place that was sent to me via email. All is welcome to email me things you would like my perspective on at . I appreciate submissions and interactions from those who follow me. I encourage that you leave your thoughts […]

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