LEMME LIFT YOUR SPIRITS ????????AND SHARE AND LIKE IF YOU CAN RELATE. WATCH TO THE END AND WAIT FOR IT.???????????????? It is a lot going on from #covid19 to us needed #justiceforgeorgefloyd .???????? Hell…we need a whole new justice system and PRACTICALLY all new politicians as far as I am concerned. ???? The […]

  THIS VIDEO WAS CREATED TO LIFT YOUR SPIRITS…GET YOU TO LAUGH…AT THE VERY LEAST SMILE. IT DOES HAVE A LOT OF TRUTH. AT LEAST MY TRUTH. MAYBE YOU CAN RELATE Now we are in the midst of an emergency in #humanity. We demand #justiceforgeorgefloyd and all people of color. #Racism needs to come to […]

  Goodmorning! First, I would like to ask that you stop right now…like this video and share it. PLEASE!!! SHARE IT TO YOUR STORIES… SHARE IT TO YOUR FAMILY… SHARE IT TO YOUR FRIENDS… We need #justiceforgeorgefloyd ! However, the way we are going about it isn’t the way. We have practiced insanity and have […]

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