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This time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk… I discuss the dangerous and evil side of the #MeToo movement. This movement has major benefits to it. I appreciate the movement. However, it has serious downsides, or deficits as you will. There will always be those who take good things to use them for evil. Please feel free to […]

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—September 3, 2018 @ 12:10 pm A person who is insecure by definition lacks confidence and is unsure. They tend to have anxiety and paranoia about things that a confident person doesn’t have. It is important that parents build their children up. Reinforcement by way of encouraging dialogue should begin when the child is able […]

This time on Rockyroadproductionsllc Porch Talk… Kermit and I address whether your mindset is enslaved. Many people in the African American Community are walking around with their minds in chains and don’t even realize it. Kermit and I address the hatred amongst ourselves in the black community. The judgement… lack of love…and acceptance. We address […]

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