Could you date someone knowing that they aren’t interested in getting married????? Find out what Kermit Bishop Marco Lozada and I had to say this time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk   Twitter: Porch Talk https://twitter.com/RacquelShelby Instagram: rockyroadproductionsllc (Porch Talk) https://www.instagram.com/rockyroadproductionsllc/ Tumblr: https://rockyroadproductionsllc.tumblr.com Writer blog: https://racquelshelby.blog Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RocyroadproductionsllcPorchTalk/ Kermit’s social media: Facebook: Kermit Bishop Instagram: _simplykj Demarco’s […]

This time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk… Kermit Bishopand I discuss #WillowSmith revealing dealing with pain and cutting in the past.???? We give our thoughts and encourage you to LIKE, ????????COMMENT????, SHARE????, and TAG A FRIEND.????????????????‍♂️????????‍♀️ Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!     All Social Media Sites operated by Porch Talk: Twitter: Porch Talk https://twitter.com/RacquelShelby Instagram: rockyroadproductionsllc (Porch […]

This time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #Porch Talk… Kermit Bishop and I discuss the recent messy drama created by Azealia Banks. She basically went in on Cardi B in a interview on the Breakfast Club.????????‍♀️???? There was words exchanged between the two on Social Media. Azealia was even being messy toward Teyana Taylor.???? Share, Tag A friend, […]

Do you think it is okay to utilize police officers as mediators in a domestic dispute? Are you guilty of doing this yourself? Of course you should call the police if your safety is put in danger at the hands of your mate. Outside of that… the police should be kept out of personal affairs. […]

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