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Published 2:30 p.m. ET ย July 12, 2019 Often times you hear people say things like… you need to get in a relationship with an individual that lines up with what you want. Your mate needs to have the same goals. You should be evenly yoked with your partner. Honestly, I don’t think that any of […]

#MzFefeDaPlug is reporting LIVE at her loved ones house where there is a family of #raccoons living in the neighbors roof. This is an #exclusive and something I am sure someone has came across, however Mz Fefe hasn’t. โญ โญ The thing about it is… there is a family that lives in the home with […]

July 9, 2019, @12:12 am The Tuesday prior to July 4th, 2019 I was let go from my job. The reason isn’t important. You can put your mind at ease knowing it wasn’t because of poor performance, inappropriate actions, or anything that would be categorized as my fault. I could go into details of my […]

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