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                              Article Credit: TMZ 4/17/2021 8:46 AM PT   There was another fatal police shooting of another person of color … this time in Cypress, Texas. This video, which has not been seen and was shot March 17, picks up near […]

In New Orleans, the Hard Rock Cafe building collapses and dead bodies are left hanging, visible to the pedestrians that pass by. According to the New York Post Corpse visible in New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel debris months after collapse By Jackie Salo January 22, 2020 | 4:47pm The body of a construction worker who […]

  ARTICLE SOURCE: PEOPLE MAGAZINE By Jeff Truesdell January 27, 2020 02:01 PM A mom allegedly on the run and wanted for questioning in the disappearance of her two kids in Idaho last fall has five days to produce them after she and her new husband were tracked to Hawaii. Lori Vallow and her husband, […]

  This is a new year and we are already beginning it with tragedy. Australia has been on fire and Puerto Rico has suffered earthquakes. So much damage and lives lost as a result of these two catastrophic events. It goes to show you that life is unpredictable and we as people need to do […]

  It has been a lot of foolishness going down at these fast-food restaurants. A Burger King just had an incident where a worker had to pull a gun out on a customer. According to the employees, the customer was exhibiting bigoted behavior and began to reach for something which was assumed to be a […]

  As parents, most of us would defend our children at all cost. In this case, that is what the father #MelvinHarris was attempting to do. A man died in the process and now the father will serve 8 years in prison. There are a lot of variables in this case, so make sure you […]

  The entitlement of some people in this world and the sinister lengths the will go to just to get something someone else has worked hard for! This young woman seems to have had a good understanding of life. She was trying to build a solid future for herself and her child. Some fools comes […]

#MzFefeDaPlug and I set out to cover a story where a family of raccoons were living in the roof of the neighbors house of a loved one. There were literally six raccoons that popped out of the roof of this family’s residence. (The video is down below for your viewership) This family needed some help. […]

#MzFefeDaPlug is reporting LIVE at her loved ones house where there is a family of #raccoons living in the neighbors roof. This is an #exclusive and something I am sure someone has came across, however Mz Fefe hasn’t. ⭐ ⭐ The thing about it is… there is a family that lives in the home with […]

This time on #Rockyroadproductionsllc #PorchTalk…. #MzFefeDaPlug is reporting LIVE on the Westside of #Detroit, where there is a #dog being mistreated. MzFefeDaPlug interviews the #neighborhood missionary. She gives horrific details and insight to the horrible conditions and #animalabuse that is taking place right next door to her. DISCLAIMER: Although this video may appear to be […]

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