#RRPPT Podcast Episode 11 “An Uncommon Criminal”

Written by on September 1, 2020


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The city of Southfield’s Mayor Ken Siver comes on the RRPPT Podcast to talk about a relative of his that was a successful con artist. The things this man got away with is mind-blowing.

My apologies. Somehow a small part at the beginning of the show wasn’t recorded. The studio was having technical difficulties that day. #Rockyroadproductionsllc

If you want to purchase the book after listening to the podcast, click the following link

Purchase the Book: An Uncommon Criminal

A Biography by Noel G. Siver & Kenos Siver


An Uncommon Criminal: The Extraordinary Life of Edwin Turner Osbaldeston. This biography of our great grandfather consists of 172 pages, 188 illustrations (photographs, maps, scans of artwork), and is indexed and footnoted. Although he was born in Cheltenham, England in 1838 into a working-class family, grew up in Birmingham, and lived for a while in London, Edwin Turner Osbaldeston spent most of his adult life living in other countries. He was in Malta with the Royal Artillery in 1860–1861; in Australia from 1865 to 1875; New Zealand in 1876; New York, USA, from 1880 until 1918 (except for an eventful stay in Germany in 1902–1903); and Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA, from 1918 until his death in 1929. He also lived for a time in Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, and San Francisco. In an era when most of his contemporaries never left the parish in which they were born, Edwin sailed around the world numerous times and worked on ships as a surgeon. Edwin Turner Osbaldeston was a very colorful character who had a varied career as a Turkish bath attendant, masseur, drill instructor, director of a school of training for massage, and self-styled “doctor”. However, he was also a con man, burglar, arsonist, extortionist, and a murderer. Highly resourceful, well mannered, and charming, he scammed people all over the world. When folks began to get wise to him he pulled up stakes and moved his game to a new location. When caught, he escaped from jail, skipped bond, or was released. Most of his crimes went unpunished. He dared the authorities to “catch me if you can.”


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