Racism: Such a painful and controversial reality

Written by on April 25, 2018

Everyone “should” know that racism is alive and well. The history of it… and the emotional marks that have been left behind… beyond those from a whip… as a result… African Americans are affected to this day.
Why is it when African Americans express their pain… those who do not agree to want to respond with let’s move forward?

Those that disagree somehow place themselves in the victim role. They tell African Americans how they kill one another. They begin to point out their transgressions instead of addressing the virus that resulted in the symptom.

They pull up bullshit facts… voiced opinions from biased networks… voices from those who are compromised by social status… the powers that employ them…or “grant” them power/influence.
Those that disagree want us to push our pain away in the corner of a locked closet.
How can you argue with a person’s experience?

How can you argue 400 plus years of slavery… the capturing and torture of an entire people from another country… for self-gain?
How can you argue tar and feathering of a people, lynchings, whippings, ripping the black male apart by the force of two horses in front of his family…emasculating him… robbing him from his role as a protector…breaking him while snatching his soul away?
Yet still… he still must build another man’s country that was stolen from the Natives for free.

Now his woman and family lose faith in him. His woman now enables her son to protect him so that “Massa” won’t whip his ass and kill him. She raises her daughter to be strong so she can survive and take care of herself. Now (in her mind) she doesn’t need her black man to protect her.
How can you argue with systematic racism?
How can you argue the destruction of Black Wallstreet?
How can you argue the Tuskegee syphilis experiment?

How can you argue the crack epidemic that was placed in the black neighborhoods and projects?
How can you argue blacks being bought out of their businesses and forced out by white owners in Downtown Detroit?
How can you argue with whitewashing Black History… or even Egyptian historical figures?
How can you argue the narrative that has been forced upon us? White and “maybe” light is right (if you act right)…. and dark is wrong?

How can you argue the constant manipulation that has a whole race questioning their value…provoking them to get into light-skinned vs. dark-skinned arguments?
How can you argue governmental help given to black households of misfortune… only if the father isn’t in the home…which provokes the black woman to force her man out of the home?

How can you argue longer sentencing given to blacks of non-violent crimes? A white male can do the same crime… or worse of a black male. The white male may get probation and community service…while the black male is sentenced to rot away in jail for years.
How can you argue the long sentencing of black males that have committed non-violent crimes… that will serve a longer sentence than a white male that has committed the crime of rape?

How can you argue the police killings of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Sandra Bland, Terence Crutcher, Walter Scott, Eric Harris, Tony Robinson, Rumain Brisbon, Tamir Rice, amongst many others? Oh… and let’s not forget about the injustice against Trayvon Martin.
How can you argue blacks only being highlighted in the entertainment industry? If we aren’t playing ball… we have to be featured being ratchet…and operating in violence and confusion. This is what is allowed… therefore it is what is being promoted. Consequently, this is what we watch and support (It’s a vicious cycle).

Most often times if we want to be highlighted in the media in a positive light in our careers… or family life… it is shut down.
I will tell you how you can argue any of this. YOU CAN’T!!!
Why not agree to disagree?
Why not try to use empathy?
Why say nothing at all? If you have nothing nice to say… or positive to add… silence is the best option.

No one single race is 100 percent wrong…violent… or evil.
I respect all opinions. The issue is that so many experiences… stories….and just plain facts are not being heard. They are not being processed…nor understood. They are only being addressed with resistance and arguments.

No amount of opinions from other races…nor manipulated facts can change a history that is real. A history that still lives…breathes… and plays out to this day.
The only way to move forward (as the opposition would suggest)… is to heal.
The only way a wounded people will heal is to be heard and somehow compensated… in some way …for what was lost.

Let’s learn to listen to one another with love… come together… and take action toward change.
Let’s acknowledge…understand…include… and not exclude…nor isolate.
If you read this and feel none of this is possible to do. For those who CAN NOT and WILL NOT choose to understand… Well, my request to you is this… at the very least please leave us the hell alone!





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  1. Whitney   On   April 25, 2018 at 7:17 am

    This was really deep and true. Makes me
    Want to see the post and comments that inspired this, I’m sitting here with a tear in my eye it’s so sad that people would be so insensitive all the while white people out here shooting shit up and the country blaming mental health ????

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