Paying For Higher Education

Written by on March 31, 2018

Paying for higher education…sounds like a situation.
Feels like a silent dictation… of who has the right to be informed…which  is dependent on how much an individual can afford.
Shouldn’t everyone have the right to be educated and informed?
Isn’t the lack of knowledge what leads people into captivity?
Or is it just the powers that be… want to take away the individuals ability…. to chose?
To chose what is beneficial… to stay away from the judicial…
To trip up the traps…that often make so many snap…
Why can’t higher education be free?
What is it that they don’t want the underprivileged to see?
Is business and profits more important than the wellbeing of the citizens…of which they treat as the builders of their dreams?
Or are we all truly just a number identified by social security…just a means to an end.. but what does the end look like.. and what is the justification of the means?
Now all we do is occur debt in a society that thrives off of our earnings.
The system pulls from us quicker than we can replenish.
What happens… with what seems like… a time will come when the funds will diminish?
We have to begin to save ourselves instead of looking for a savior.
If you think about it… you will realize…. no one wants to really do us any favors.

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