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Rocky Road Productions is a Broadcasting & Media Production Company founded by Racquel Shelby in March of 2016. This company was developed to bring dreams, visions, and stories to life through media. Rocky Road Productions is the future for minorities in News and Entertainment.


Our Founder

Who is Racquel Shelby?

Racquel Shelby is the founder and owner of Rocky Road Productions, LLC. She is the producer, content creator, and host for RRP Porch Talk Podcast (#RRPPT), which is broken into two casts entitled Love and $uccess and Shade and Shenanigans. Mrs. Shelby is a native of Detroit. At the age of 8, she moved to a suburb right outside of Detroit known as Southfield. This is where she grew up along with her father, mother, and two brothers. Racquel is a wife and mother of three children and two dogs.

Racquel knew she wanted to be either a journalist or an attorney in 6th grade. She began her journey in 2016 by covering stories and giving commentary from her front porch with just her laptop and a Canon camera. That is when she came up with the name Porch Talk of which she would eventually take into the studio. However, she received her start professionally by being a co-host for the #BillyTDetroit radio show. 

Billy T Thompson is a legend in Detroit radio. Billy being generous kindly offered her a spot on his platform which aired on 1200 WCHB AM radio. Being on his show led to co-hosting on Skeeter Murray’s Real Talk After Dark #RTAD.  Racquel has been featured as the face of R&L Printing Company’s commercial and has made a guest appearance on the Dr. Nandi Show, also known as #AskDrNandi.

Growing up, Racquel was required to read 30 minutes a day. She quickly realized that through the mind an individual can travel anywhere just by reading a book. This led to her having a love for reading and writing. Writing became a passion for her that she utilizes as a tool to express deep thought and emotion. It is her understanding that a good piece of writing captures the mind of the reader, challenging their narrative.  

While helping a family in dire need in a creative way, Racquel received some notoriety. Fox 2 News featured “The Hood Wildlife Takeover” story in July of 2019. It was about a family of raccoons who made their home inside the roof of a Detroit resident. Racquel was the content creator, video producer, and editor behind the project, while her friend and partner at the time Mz Fefe DaPlug was the narrator posing as the hood news reporter.

In August of 2017, Racquel became known as the pen pal of former Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick. In her attempt to clear his tarnished name, it sparked vicious suspicion of scandal. Her efforts ignited and landed her interviews with Channel 7 WXYZ, the Frank Beckman Show, News Talk 760 WJR, and a feature in the Detroit Free Press.

Racquel’s educational background is in Broadcast Media arts and was acquired from Specs Howard, from which she graduated in 2013. She also acquired a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication Public Relations from Rochester College (2015) with honors, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

In April of 2021, Rocky Road Productions began to expand, bringing on two new shows under its umbrella, Vitamin D and Sports Talk with Whitney B. Racquel has no intention of stopping there. Her vision is to build a skyscraping studio that would employ many individuals who are minorities and accompany journalists, creatives, and entertainers giving them the opportunity to make their visions come to life.

Racquel’s motivation behind the vision of Rocky Road Productions

I do what I do because I know what it is like to have a dream no matter how over the top it may sound to others, it is yours and you can see it. You can feel it…damn near taste it. So, I want to help others who feel like me, and do what I do, or in the vicinity of it…help them fulfill their dreams. But a true vision is a group effort. 


The problem isn’t a lack of ideas or the probability of success. The problem is the lack of unity. Many hesitate to nurture a dream because of fear. Instead, we should know if I am my brother’s keeper…we all win. This is why I keep going despite opposing forces. This is my dream dammit! This is all I have and this shit has got to work…because I will die trying. 

Everyone deserves to feel like that and be proud of what they do. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. If we had us…we would have the world. This is the true message so many of us refuse to see and fear to accept. Only those who you can relate to…. can you help save. 

How often do you truly concern yourself with things that you don’t understand? Most often, you daemonize or disregard what you don’t understand, and most often you won’t attempt to understand it. Yes! There are some things we could spare ourselves with understanding but, we put this approach into practice so regularly. 

Let me end with this… keep dreaming. I know I will. If it makes sense to you, and you can see a decent route into it, no one else needs to understand.  If we unify…we would surpass accomplishing just our own dreams…we would run the world.❤


You can never be good for anyone if you are not walking in your purpose. Without purpose, you are only walking around as an empty shell… holding a soul in limbo full of sorrow. Eventually, the sorrow will become like cancer eroding at everyone around you… only to bring you to your destruction. 

I choose life and the best kind of freedom it has to offer… by walking in my purpose. ~Racquel Shelby 




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