Note To Love

Written by on October 4, 2018

October 4, 2018  @3:53 pm
Love… I never thought that you could enter my heart and take up such a permanent and powerful space.
I am reminded of your blissfulness, and mystery, every time I see your angelic face.
It isn’t easy.
You take work.
Never could I imagine my life without you, here with me on this planet we know as earth.
Part of my life’s mission is to touch those that encounter my space.
Oppose the doubts of life and the distrust for the intentions of the human race.
Little did I know, that is the very thing you did for me, the first time I felt your warm and genuine embrace.
I am not perfect, neither are you.
You have flaws and I do too.
You compensate for my flaws and it is my pleasure to return the favor.
The spiritual ties we share is something I delight to savor.
My body gets chills when I hear or speak your name.
It brings me peace to know, in your own way you feel the same.
Stay here with me and never let go.
My promise to you…. is to never allow this love to go cold.
Love is not only an emotion, but it is also a choice.
Every day I choose you.
I am grateful that you chose to make me your first and only choice. #Rockyroadproductionsllc

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