Negativity from others is a sign of success…but why?

Written by on April 4, 2018

Why is it that people become negative when they see you are doing something positive?
In my case… the positive would be working hard to brand myself… and brighten my future as a media professional.

Someone wanted to compare me to another individual that is popular. Actually… this is the second time that I have had this happen.
The thing is… in one case… I don’t even follow the persons work that I was being compared to. In the other case… I do follow this individual…. like… and even share their content. However… I am… and always have had the same persona.

Interesting enough… the content chosen to make the comparison was nothing like the content of the individual I was being compared to.
What was more disturbing is that this negative energy was being projected from the opposite sex.
My question is why? I am not your competition sir. However… I humbly accept your twisted way of expressing your admiration. Cleary you are a fan!

If the comparison is because of my direct approach and the strength in my opinion… that would be ridiculous because there are many direct people. There are many women with strong personalities and opinions.
No two people are alike… but there are comparable similarities among the variety of individuals on this planet we call Earth.

It’s sad. My own people are so critical of the next person operating in their own lane.
Unfortunately… being under the scrutiny of the public comes with being a personality in media.
You have to take the curse that comes with the gift. That is the price.
When the reward and benefits become so grand… the negativity doesn’t even matter.
Unless you are hurting others…the negativity is just a loud cry of admiration and envy.
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