Lending a Helping Hand

Written by on September 3, 2018

—–September 3, 2018, 8:54 am

Everyone wants a helping hand now and again.

Most of the time we want it from our friends… and especially family.

To much is given… much is required.

It is my strong belief that “our people” and people, in general, should have a community mindset and approach to life.

I think it is safe to say that, everyone has had a time in their lives where they have felt helpless and hopeless.

There has been a time or two you can recall not knowing how to begin, let alone how things would end.

However, here is the funny thing about help…

What you think the person in need may need help with, and what you are willing to give, may not be what will actually help.

Sometimes… what the person needs is the very reason why you shouldn’t help them.

There is a thin line between “help” and “enablement”. Often times the lines are blurred between the two.

A good example of this is, a friend comes to you needing to borrow money.  In fact, they borrow money quite often. You giving them money constantly is not helping the need that they feel they have. It is enablement.

The truth is if they had no one to borrow from it would force them to become financially responsible. Then they wouldn’t need to borrow from anyone. Being irresponsible was the true root of the issue, not the lack of money.

There is a possibility that this same person, in the same scenario, may never get it together. The thing is… it is not your problem if they don’t. Meanwhile, it is less stress and strain on you. You aren’t being pulled into their problems.

See… needy people will always be needy. That is just their role in life. Everyone has a role to play. There will never be enough help that anyone can give them because their energy is equivalent to a termite.

These kinds of people function through life like a termite to wood. If you have a termite infestation in your home that is never resolved… eventually your house will fall apart.

This is what will happen to your life when you constantly allow termites and leaches to be in your space.

They will eat away all of your resources until they tear you down.

They can change, but it has to be their choice to do so.

Growing up, my parents were my best teacher. Because of them, I rather struggle and figure it out then to constantly have my hand out.

My life is not perfect. I have many things I could use “help” with, but they are my things to resolve.

The thing about receiving help, with most people it comes with a price.

Help becomes the carat that is dangled in the air. You become the hungry rabbit it is dangled over.

I rather not have an eternal obligation to an individual when I can just make better decisions.

You’re going to mess up!

You’re going to make mistakes!

This is all a part of life.

It is the choices you make following your mistakes that makes the difference.

Your life is a sum of the decisions you make and the outlook that you have on life.

As spirit beings, we manifest our destiny through our thoughts.

Know who, how, and when to help.

Guard your soul.

Guard your space.

Change your mind… change your life!




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