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Written by on July 9, 2019

July 9, 2019, @12:12 am

The Tuesday prior to July 4th, 2019 I was let go from my job. The reason isn’t important. You can put your mind at ease knowing it wasn’t because of poor performance, inappropriate actions, or anything that would be categorized as my fault. I could go into details of my speculations, but that would be giving the situation too much energy.

The truth is… I have never been happier. I am glad I was let go. It was the push I needed. Being let go was the defining moment of my future gleaming with opportunity. Now, I won’t say this is my happily ever after. No pot of gold has fallen into my lap yet, nor is my name in flashing lights. However, my placement on the path to success and fulfillment has happened. I am sure that there will be many trials and much error. I have a lot of life to live, so nearing perfection isn’t around the corner.

I believe there are many tunnels and roads in life that one will travel through and cross. The light to the end of this current tunnel is my decision to take control over my life. A few days following my transformation to unemployment… I came to the conclusion that I would never work for anyone other than myself again. Well… I would make an exception for a life-changing opportunity. Of course… if Oprah, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, or anyone of their status offered me an opportunity… I would take it. Aside from a dream, (and dreams do come true), I will work for myself.

After all, I did create RockyRoadProductionsLLC to be a video production company. I had intentions of doing my own thing one day anyway. This gave me the push I needed. This situation forced me to the end of the road of working for others, leading to a mass body of water, and either I am going to sink or swim. I choose to swim.

Since my schedule has become freer, I have been utilizing my time wisely, putting things into place. I have too much talent not to bet on myself. Amongst the many other important things I have been occupying my time with, I chose to play around with my camera and take some photos. Video and editing have always been my thing, but photography is big business too. It is something I want to tackle. Whelp… I thought I would share my first practice photos with you. Growth is a process that includes practice and research. I am doing both.

My message to you is… try to look at your current situation and see what the universe may be trying to tell you. Look for the positive in the situation. Find your light at the end of your current tunnel and don’t forget it won’t be your last. Go after what you have been wanting for your life. Do not delay. If you feel it is time… DO IT!!

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