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The Ultimate Goal $500,000

The building of Rocky Road Productions LLC Studio would give upcoming journalists, content creators, and entertainers a home that would encourage and permit self-expression, transparency, new ideas, and an avenue where individual truths will be heard and broadcasted for the world to consume. There are many individuals who are tired of being lied to and manipulated by mass media. There needs to be more black ownership in media. It is time for a change!

I believe that there isn’t a shortage of ideas and willpower toward change, it is the lack of financial resources needed to assist the creation of opportunity, and how they are distributed that prevents change. Your donation will be a step toward much-needed and desired change.


Short term/ Immediate Goal  $20,000

  • Video Production Software $1,000
  • Podcasting and Video Camera Equipment including lenses, lighting, studio foam, and Branding Material $8,500
  • Conference Table and Chairs $2,000
  • Office space rental for 1 year $8,000
  • The remaining balance will cover taxes and insurance

The Reasoning Behind The Vision

Not only do we want to continue to inform and entertain you but, the vision is to pave the way and pass the torch for new and upcoming talent.

The truth is, media is filled with propaganda and runs in the interest of governments and corporations. The citizens of the United States watch our media desiring news and entertainment that represents their needs and interests. People from other nations and countries need to see America in its truth, not an altered and projected reality.  This includes proper representation absent of stereotypes and biases in entertainment. Information that is factual, that isn’t solely motivated by ratings, and beneficial to the community is also needed. The public deserves to be informed of current local, national, and world events with a positive and alternate way to look at their reality.


The promotion of negativity and damnation in this country has become the norm. The current state of media and the superficial projected imagery in entertainment have a negative effect on the mental health and stability of many. It is wreaking havoc among the people fueling feelings of insufficiency while promoting division. Let us not forget that African Americans of this country have a huge void when it comes to the public broadcast of information regarding their history. Many of us are lost as a result of not knowing who we are and where we come from. Young black children deserve to see images that they can relate to and that look like them in a positive light. This gives our black children hope and inspiration.



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