Coping During the Coronavirus Quarantine: 5 fun tips

Written by on March 22, 2020

Sunday, March 22, 2020


By now, it has settled in our minds that we have to sit down somewhere. I am sure many are truly afraid to be left with their thoughts. Many are feeling the anxiety at the simple thought of not being able to rip and run the streets. Being in constant motion of handling or mishandling business has become the norm.  In many ways, I believe this was inevitable. We weren’t doing right by the planet. We have abused mother nature with pollution and negative/ stagnant energy. Here is another unpleasant truth, we haven’t been good to ourselves and one another.

Just yesterday, here in Michigan, Governor Whitmer ordered the closing of “non-essential personal care businesses”. If you missed that memo,  feel free to click the link below to get up to date.

Many individuals, including myself, are cringing at the thought of our nails growing to the point of being obnoxiously jarring to the eyes. Others are afraid to become untidy by the hair follicles. Unless you have a home-based stylist, what will you do? It is also a nightmare to think about how long this could last and how far will we ladies go without our waxes? I will acknowledge, this is very superficial thinking, but again this has become our norm. Who are we kidding though? Where do we have to go?



There are always things to do. We have become so busy we have forgotten some of the simplest forms of entertainment.

????This is a good time to read a book. Let me suggest “Many Lives Many Masters” written by Brian L Weiss, M.D. If you are open-minded and into astrology, past lives studies, or on a spiritual journey, this will be good for you.










????This is an excellent time to have a quarantine date night and binge-watch some of the good series out there. Let me suggest the Netflix series “Self Made”. It is inspired by the life of Madam C.J. Walker. Don’t forget, there is a lot of entertainment on Netflix and Hulu to watch as a family. Movie night has officially become “a thing” again.










Also, Check out my YouTube channel. I have plenty of entertainment for you to binge-watch. There is something there for everyone.

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????If you have kids, you can have a cleaning competition. Have them compete with music and whoever gets done first, reward them with something they love.  You won’t believe it! I went to one of the smaller hardware stores (Ace Hardware) and was able to purchase some bleach the brand is Majestic, but I have used it before. It gets the job done. I purchased Kaboom also. All the Clorox and Lysol spray has been flying off the shelves.  Can anyone explain to me why all the Dial antibacterial bar soap is gone too? Are people just now deciding to shower? I am confused. Anyhow…









????This is an excellent time to connect with some of your neighbors that have dogs. Call them, or go to their homes and suggest a neighborhood group dog walk. Call it the “Neighborhood Dog Stroll”. I am sure your fur babies would love some comradery amongst their kind. My dogs below are chilling. My Border Collie Chase is in his favorite spot. Blue, my Husky is taking a time out in his cage. He just came in from being out in the back yard.








????Finally, get creative with cooking. This is a good time to cook some of the meals you may have wanted to prepare, but didn’t have the time.  I have been cooking myself.




Those are five fun tips I have for you. I hope they are helpful. Here are some bonus tips. Do a TikTok with your kids. That seems to be a trending activity. This is also a great time to begin writing that book you have been thinking about, or even starting a blog.









Just know we will get through this. Don’t forget to meditate! It helps get your spirit in balance and it brings peace and understanding.






Check out the reality of my household. I am sure many of you can relate. Be safe, stay healthy and have fun!





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