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Racquel Shelby, Rockyroadproductionsllc 12:48 p.m. ET May 20,2018 This story (which can be read via the link provided below)doesn’t give the reader much info. It lets you know that this 10-year-old child by the name of Ariel Powers has not been seen by her mother, since 11pm Saturday night.  Her disappearance took place following an […]

Happy Mother’s Day to you !! The job of a mother never ends. Yesterday… today…tomorrow…and forever you will always be a mother. You are the first to wake up and the last to lay down. Your job is just as much work as it is rewarding… and sometimes it seems that no one seems to […]

Racquel Shelby – Rockyroadproductionsllc 7:56 am EDT May 11, 2018 Back in August of 2017… the former Mayor of Detroit… Kwame Kilpatrick asked me via written correspondence to get a message out to the world proving his innocence. Of course… by his request I did just that. With my initiative…the Detroit Free press released and […]

Byron, it is your birthday. May 2, 1981, was the day the world gave me a mate… a life partner. Of course… I hadn’t made it to this planet we call Earth yet… and wouldn’t for four years and two months later. You grew up in a different reality than I did. Your reality made […]

Let me be clear. Politics is not my thing. I am more of common sense… feeling the energy….watching the signs of life kind of person. That has worked for me thus far up until almost 33 years of life. When it begins to fail me…. I will evolve. I am expressing my thoughts and feelings…not […]

Everyone “should” know that racism is alive and well. The history of it… and the emotional marks that have been left behind… beyond those from a whip… as a result… African Americans are affected to this day. Why is it when African Americans express their pain… those who do not agree to want to respond […]

Radio, TV, and Writing is something that I love to do.  It is something that I would do for free. Hell… right now I am doing it for free. Broadcast media is me. You can’t separate us. Broadcast media is like my second marriage and we will never go our separate ways. It is all […]

Why is it that people become negative when they see you are doing something positive? In my case… the positive would be working hard to brand myself… and brighten my future as a media professional. Someone wanted to compare me to another individual that is popular. Actually… this is the second time that I have […]

Paying for higher education…sounds like a situation. Feels like a silent dictation… of who has the right to be informed…which  is dependent on how much an individual can afford. Shouldn’t everyone have the right to be educated and informed? Isn’t the lack of knowledge what leads people into captivity? Or is it just the powers […]

Dear James, I thought about you today. I thought about you yesterday. Hell… I been thinking about you…on and off… and of course… it won’t stop. I don’t intend for your memory to fade…because outside of the one picture I took of you…your memory…our memories…. we shared together is all I have. I will never […]

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