The Framing of Kwame Kilpatrick

  Kwame has been released from prison. In this video, he is seen greeted by family and loved ones. The former Mayor of Detroit is FREE! SEE PREVIOUS POST FOR MORE INFO! #pressplay to get the full update #repost For more details refer to the source  Video Source: WDIV Channel 4   Follow @rockyroadproductionsllc for […]

After serving 7 years behind bars, Kwame Kilpatrick will be released courtesy of Donald Trump commuting his sentence during his last night in the White House, late Tuesday night. Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in prison for a major corruption scandal.    WDIV reports the statement from the White House as follows:   “President […]

For those who are interested in the truth, I felt it was necessary to share this documentary with you. Often times we are mislead by the media. Mainstream media tells the public what they want them to know. They tend to paint a picture to support a narrative that most of the time misleads the […]

It is a shame to allow a man to be locked up for 28 years for crimes that haven’t been proven with solid evidence. For those who are interested in knowing the truth regarding the Kwame Kilpatrick case… outside of what has been told by the media… click the highlighted link below. FreeKKProject Isaiah […]

Racquel Shelby – Rockyroadproductionsllc 7:56 am EDT May 11, 2018 Back in August of 2017… the former Mayor of Detroit… Kwame Kilpatrick asked me via written correspondence to get a message out to the world proving his innocence. Of course… by his request I did just that. With my initiative…the Detroit Free press released and […]

The link below includes the version of the story covered by #Channel7. Today I am going to address everything my position, thoughts, and how things came about. I have typed out my thoughts to ensure that everything I want to say will be delivered. Going off the fly leaves room for distraction. I wrote […]

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