Special Appearances

#MzFefeDaPlug and I set out to cover a story where a family of raccoons were living in the roof of the neighbors house of a loved one. There were literally six raccoons that popped out of the roof of this family’s residence. (The video is down below for your viewership) This family needed some help. […]

This was project was the second internship that I had signed on to do in May of 2017. I had a great time acting for this scene. https://www.facebook.com/Necroland/

This was the very first big deal gig of my career! I was so excited to have been selected to interview at such an important event. There was about 7 interviews that I had completed. All of them were of Entrepreneurs that are very important to the community of Detroit. In the first photo I […]

I had been praying to God for a few weeks that a opportunity would arise and it did. Little did I know…. it would come through networking at a red carpet event I had done previously at the #Detroit Historical Museum for R&L Printing Company … almost a year ago! You don’t see the road […]

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