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In this part two of Kermit’s Momma Goes to Jail… Ms. Cunningham is attempting to reach her son Kermit, so that he can assist her by paying her due judgement of $1500 for EBT fraud. The Judge (#Rockyroadproductionsllc) sentences her to jail for her outlandish and irresponsible behavior. MzFefe Da Plug Social Media: Facebook: […]

Kermit’s Momma has gotten herself in a bind for her man and is going to jail. She used an EBT card under a fake name for four months and has to pay up. MzFefe Da Plug Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Rockyroadproductionsllc Social Media: Twitter: Porch Talk Instagram: rockyroadproductionsllc […]

MzFefe DaPlug plays the role of Kermit’s mother. She is calling him yet again… on the job about more dumb irrelevant stuff. She expects him to listen to her and demands that he stays on the phone. Kermit is the only productive individual in his immediate family. He is just trying to make an honest […]

#MzFefeDaPlug Comedy brings you #Rockyroadproductionsllc & Kermit. Rockyroadproductionsllc plays the role of Quel, which happens to be Kermit’s sister. Kermit is the only one out of his family that is productive and has a job. Quel calls Kermit at his job because she believes he should give her $50. This irritates Kermit.     MzFefe […]

Introducing a new Character… Kermit. Kermit is in the process of getting a job, but while he is there, his mother (MzFefe DaPlug) calls his phone to ask him about irrelevant items. This phone call is embarrassing to Kermit and ultimately irritates him. Stay Tuned for Part 2   Mom: MzFefe DaPlug Son: Kermit MzFefe […]

This time Mz. Fefe DaPlug Da UBA Driver picks up a prostitute. Despite her own persona, the prostitute takes her off guard. Make sure you check out our previous skit if you haven’t… Meet Mz.Fefe Da UBA Driver. Thank you for watching!   MzFefe Da Plug Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Rockyroadproductionsllc […]

Mzfefe DaPlug Comedian plays the role of a ratchet UBA (Uber) driver who picks up a boujee customer. The two opposing personalities from opposing lifestyles collide to bring you 5 minutes of laughter. Rockyroadproductionsllc Porch Talk plays the role of the customer.   MzFefe Da Plug Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Rockyroadproductionsllc Social Media: […]

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